100 Sport Questions For Competitive Exam

100 Sport Questions For Competitive Exam:- Start’s.

Dear Reader,We (Current Affairs 2020) Share,100 Sport questions for competitive exam in Hindi and English ,In this post we share 100 Questions of sports questions ,if you have any query so please ask through comment and also share this post .

Q_1. In which event within the Asian Athletic Championships, 2013 Vikas Gowda won a decoration ?

Answer:-Discus throw.

Q_2. Which former national level participant created history by becoming the primary feminine unfortunate to overcome mountain peak in could 2013.

Answer:-Arunima Sinha.

Q_3. Which one of the following Grand Slam Titles is also kknown as ”Rolland Garros” title ?

Answer:-French Open.

Q_4. Who won the lady French Open Title in 2013 ?

Answer:-Serena Williams.

 Q_5. With which game does Santosh Rophy is associated ?

Answer:-National Football.

Q_6. Which country won the grand Turk Azlan sovereign Hockey tournament in Asian country in March 2013 ?


Q_7. Who won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles in 2013 ?

Answer:-Andy Murray.

 Q_8. Who won the Silver Medal for the Woman’s 400 meter race in the Asian Athletic Championships 2013 ?

Answer:-M.R. Poovamma.

Q_9. Which country won the utmost variety of medals within the Asian Athletic Championships control in Pune recently ?


Q_10. Which country host the World Cup Football in 2014 ?


 Q_11. Where was the Olympic Games in 2012 be held ?


Q_12. Which Country won the ICC Women’s World Cup held in Feb, 2013 ?


Q_13. Wherever was the globe court game Championship 2013, within which PV Sindhu won a trophy, held ?

Answer:-Guangzhou, China.

 Q_14. Which one of the following is wrongly paired ?

Answer:-Base Ball – Court.

Q_15. Which is that the solely host team to win the independent agency (50 over) Cricket tourney ?


Q_16. How many times did Geet Sethi win the IBSF World Billiards title

Answer:-Three times.

Q_17. Which one of the following Cricketer of the Twenteeth Centruy ?

Answer:-Kapil Dev.

Q_18. How many gold medals have been won by India in the Olympics fo far ?


Q_19. India won its first Olympic Hockey gold in …..


Q_20. World Health Organization among the subsequent girls court game players has won the slam Titles for the most range of times ?

Answer:-Margared Court.

Sports GK Questions in Hindi & English 2019.

 Q_21. The Asian Games were held in Delhi for the first time ………


 Q_22. The Indian squad created its beginning at Olympic Games in ………. ?


Q_23. Which one among the following coutries has won the ICC Women’s World Cup, 2013 held in India?


Q_24. Which track and field star overcame childhood infantile paralysis to become one among the best athletes of her time ?

Answer:-Wilma Rudolph.

 Q_25. Consider the following statements about grand slam tennis tournaments :

  1. There are four grand slam of year tournaments are played on grass court.
  2. The Australian and therefore the U.S. tournaments area unit compete on grass court.
    Which of the statemets given abore is/are correct ?
    Answer1 only. 

Q_26. The ‘Thomas Cup’ is associated with :


Q_27. What will be the venue, for the next World Chess Championship to be held in Nov-2013


Q_28. Among the following terms, which team has won the Indian Premier League (IPL) final for two successive years till 2012 ?

Answer:-Kolkata knight Riders.

Q_29. Which among the subsequent groups won the Duleep Trophy Cricket Tournament, 2014 ?

Answer:-Central Zone.

Q_30. Durand Cup is associated with ?

Answer:-Football tournament.

 Q_31. National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th Aug., which is related to

Answer:-Dhyan Chand

Q_32. Twenty two Winter Olympic Games were organized in which country?


Q_33. Which team won the Rajni Trophy for the year 2013-14 ?


Q_34. Which one of the following countries won the highest number of Gold Medals at the Winter Olympic Games held in sochi in Feb. 2014 ?


Q_35. Who among the following cricket all-rounders cracket the fastest centruy in one-day international cricket history in January 2014 ?

Answer:-Corey Anderson.

Q_36. Who was the winner of the Champions Leagure T-20 2014 ?

[BPSC, 2015]

Answer:-Chennai Super Kings (India).

 Q_37. What was India’s position within the seventeenth Asian Games in 2014 ?


Q_38.Who among the subsequent was the ribbon Winner within the seventeenth Asian Games Men’s race sixty five metric weight unit Wrestling ?

Answer:-Yogeshwar Dutt.

Q_39.Which nation was ranked fifth in the 20th Commonwealth Games?


Q_40. United Nations agency won her 1st sweep Australian Open lawn tennis Competition, 2014 (Women’s Singles) ?

Answer:-Li Na.

Sports Quiz Questions & Answers 2020 For Competitive Exam.

Q 41. The 2013 SAFF Tournament winner was ….


 Q_42. Which award is given for excellence in sports?

Answer:-Arjuna Award.

Q_43. Prince of Wales Cup’ is related to the sport of ?


Q_44. Identify the odd sports man among the following

Answer:-Sachin Tendulkar.

Q_45. FIFA World Cup 2014 was hosted by


Q_46. Saina Nehwal is associated with which sport ?


Q_47. Who is Wimbledon Women Singles Champion 2014 ?

Answer:-Petra Kvitova.

Q_48. Which player scored the most runs in a single Test innings ?

Answer:-Brian Lara.

Q_49. Which Country won the World Cup in 1999?


Q 50. Consider the following grand slam tennis tournaments statements:

1.Rafael Nadal won Men’s Singles French Open court game Tournament 2013 defeating Spanish national David Ferrer

2. This is Nadal’s maiden French Open title

Which of the staements given above is/are correct ?

Answer:-1 only

 Q_51. Which one in all the subsequent slam lawn tennis Tournaments had the best total prize (in terms people greenbacks ) within the year 2014 ?

Answer:-US Open

Q_52. Indian athlete Vikas Gowda is associated with

Answer:-Discus throw

Q_53. The 19th Federation Cup National Senior Athletic Championships (2015) was held in


Q_54. what’s the amount of players on both sides in Baseball ?


Q_55. The first Indian Woman to reach Olympic finals in individual track events was –

Answer:-P.T. Usha.

Q_56. Angelique Kerber defeated Serena Williams in 2016 Australian Open Women’s Singles Final. She belongs to –


Q_57. FIFA 2018 Held in which country ?


Q_58. Tiger Wood is associated with


 Q_59. Who among the following is the first Indian sportperson to reach the finals in the World Badmintion Championship (Women) in 2015 ?

Answer:-Saina Nehwal.

Q_60. Leander Paes won the US Open Mixed Doubles Tennis Title (2015) partnering with:

Answer:-Martina Hingis.

100 Sport questions for competitive exam 2020 in Hindi and English.

Q_61. 35th National Games, which had Great Hornbill as Mascot, were organised in –


 Q_62. In the international court game Primer League (ITPL) 2015, matched control in Bharat, Rafael Nadal compete from the team .

Answer:-India Aces.

Q_63. National ‘Sports Day’ is celebrated on


Q_64. Modern Olympic Games started in


Q_65. Droping test is done in players

Answer:-By Blood

Q_66. To whom Dronacharya Award is given ?


Q_67. What’s the length of every stump in cricket

Answer:- 28 inches

Q_68. Queen’s berry Rules’ is the name given to the rules in


 Q_69. Velodrome is related to which sport?


Q_70. Deepika Pallikal is related to which sport ?


Q_71. The country tuvalu Participated with how many members in the Rio Olympics ?


Q_72. Who was the youngest Athlete at the Rio Olympics ?

Answer:-Gaurika Singh.

 Q_73. Who among the following women has become the highest individual scorer in an inningss in Texsts ?

Answer:-Kiran Baloch.

 Q_74. Who among the subsequent has become the primary Indian to get a triple century in Tests?

Answer:-Virender Sehwag.

Q_75. The first Asian Games were held in

Answer:-New Delhi.

 Q_76. The Term ‘Gambit’ is associated with :


Q_77. He is the world’s only person who has climbe all the 14 peaks of the mountains without using oxygen cylinders

Answer:-Reinhold Messner.

 Q_78. Against that team did Virender Sehwag create his sooner or later international debut ?


Q_79. India’s 1st and Asia’s longest cycle road has been opened within which State of Asian country ?

Answer:-Uttar Pradesh.

 Q_80. The FIFA World Cup-2012 was held in


Q_81. Which country has won the 2016 cup lawn tennis Tournament ?


 Q_82 .In metropolis athletic competition 2016 that country finished at the highest of the table with gold medals ?

Answer:- Unites States

Q_83. that country’s girls court game team has won the 2016 Uber Cup tournament ?


Q_84. that country has won the 2016 Kabaddi tourney ?


Q_85. what percentage medals were won by Asian nation in 2016 Summer Olympics?

Answer:-One Silver & One Bronze

Q_86. How among the following won a Gold medal for India in Men’s Javelin Throw event at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games ?

Answer:-Devendra Jhajharia

Q_87. In which one of the following cities are the Summer Olympics, 2020 going be held?


 Q_88. Neil O’Brein, who died recently, was a famous

Answer:-Quiz master

Q_89. Who among the follwing won the Men’s Singles Title in the Australia Open Tennis Tournament, 2016 ?

Answer:-Novak Djokovic

Q_90. UN agency among the subsequent was defeated by Chile to won the Copa America soccer Championship, 2016 ?


Q_91. How many times India has won the Asia Cup T-20 Trophy ?

Answer:-6 times

Q_92. In Pro Kabaddi League final, Patna Pirates defeated

Answer:-U Mumbai

Q_93. Indian men’s Hockey team has recently won the Hockey test series against


Q_94. In which State of India Paragliding World Cup 2015 was held?

Answer:-Himachal Pradesh

Q_95. Who is the first Indian to win two Paralompic Gold Medals ?

Answer:-Devendra Jhajharia

Q_96. In which State of indian the 7th South Aisan Ragbi Championship will hosted in the year 2016 ?


Q_97. Think about the subsequent statement a couple of renowned player :

”He was diagnosed with a somatotrophic hormone deficiency throughout his childhood however went on win 3 European Golden Shoes in his career.”

Who is that player ?

Answer:-Lionel Messi

Q_98. Which Indian female pistol shooter has woned the 8th Asian Airgun Championship?

Answer:-Hina Siddhu

 Q_99. In recently concluded T-20 World Cup Cricket (Men), Which two teams lost their matches in semifinal ?

Answer:-India – Newzeland

Q_100. Consider the following statements:

1. Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza won the French Open Mixed Doubles Title in the year 2012

2. This is their first Grand Slam Title together.

Which of the statements given on top of is/are correct ?

Answer:-1 only.

100 Sport Questions For Competitive Exam :- End’s.

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