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100 Top Sports Questions for competitive exam 2020 :- Start’s.

Dear reader’s We (Current Affairs 2020) share , 100 Top Sports Questions for competitive exam 2020 in Hind & English ,In this post we share nearly 100 questions of Gk sport for competitive exam .If it’s helpful for you so please comment & also share this

 Q_101. What was the theme of the 216 Rio Olympics ?

Answer:-World peace and Environment.

Q_102. Riyad Mahrez is related to which sports?


 Q_103. Who could not qualify for 2016 Rio Olympics ?

Answer:-All of these.

Q_104. South Korea’s Choi Misun relates to which sports?


 Q_105. Which one of the following cities hosted the Twelth South Asian Games 2016?


Q_106. The latest trophy introduced in Indian domestic cricket competition is :

Answer:-Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy.

Q_107. Which one of the following States won the 61st National School Athletics Championship in the year 2016 ?


Q_108. With which sport the team ‘caddie’ is associated ?


Q_109. Olympic Games after 4th century AD Restarted (Under IOC) from


 Q_110. The Rovers Cup is associated with


Q_111. Amar Singh Sokhi is remembered for his performance within which of the subsequent sports events ?


Q_112. World Health Organization is that the first Indian feminine unfortunate to climb Mount Everest?

Answer:-Bachendri Pal.

Q_113. Bridge is the technique used in


Q_114. Beighton Cup is associated with which of the following ?


Q_115. At the Rio Olympics, who was the flagbearer of the Indian contingent ?

Answer:-Abhinav Bindra.

Q_116. Name of forst athlete(cricketer) to attain a thousand runs in Associate in Nursing innings in any competitve match

Answer:-Pranav Dhanawade.

Q_117. what percentage players area unit there during a athletic game team?

Answer:- 7  players .

Q_118. Which of the following is not correctly paired ?

Answer:-Jeev Milkha Singh – Chess.

Q_119. Pankaj Advani is associated with which sport ?


Q_120. Sergei Bubkha, associate degree jock of international repute, belongs to that of the subsequent countries ?


Q_121. Who among the following was not a member of Boxing team of India Rio Olympics ?

Answer:-Avtar singh

Q_122. Thomas Cup is associated with which of the following sports ?


Q_123. Amar Singh Sokhi is remembered for his performance within which of the subsequent sports events ?


Q_124. Who is the first Indian Gold Medal Winner in Individual category in Olympic Games ?

Answer:-Abhinav Bindra

Q_125. Upon winning Wimbledon Women’s Tennis Tournament 2016, Serena Williams Equalled record 22 Grand Slam wins to

Answer:-Steffi Graf

Q_126. Davis Cup’ is related to the sport of

Answer:-Lawn Tennis

Q_127. Who amongst the following Wrestlers has been the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?

Answer:-Sushil Kumar

Q_128. The term ‘bully’ is connected with which sport ?


Q_129. Who among the following has been appointed the new Coach of the Indian Cricket team by the BCCI Recently ?

Answer:-Anil Kumble

Q_130. What was India’s rank at the Rio Para-Olympics ?


Q_131. Consider the following statements about Viswanathan Anand:

1. He as won the World Chess Championship five times.

2. He is the first sportsperson to receive the Padma Vibhushan award.

3. He is currently the No. 1 rating player on the FIDE Ratings.

Which of the statements given on top of is/are correct ?

Answer:-1,2 and 3

Q_132. The 2014 Shooting World Championship will be held in:

Answer:-Granada In Spain

Q_133. Maria Sharapova clinched the French Open final, 2012 after defeating in final :

Answer:-Sara Errani of Itlay

 Q_134. Deepika Kumari is associated with which of the following sports?


Q_135. With which game is the Agha Cup associated ?

Hockey .

Q_136. The first ‘disabled athelete’ to qualify for an able bodied event in the 2012 London Olympics in 400 metres race is :

Answer:-Oscar Pistrorius

Q_137. Champion Trophy is associated with


 Q_138. The first match the ”50 Overs Cricket World Cup 2011” was played between :

Answer:-India and Bangladesh

Q_139. Number of players in each side in Kabaddi is ………

Answer:-7  players .

Q_140. Sebastian Vettle won the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix held at Greater Noida. This was also his …….. Win .


Q_141. With which sport is Novak Djokovic assicated ?


Q_142. First Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Olympics ?

Answer:-Dipa Karmakar.

Q_143. Skeet is associated with which sport ?


Q_144. Winner of 2017 Women’s Wimbledon Championship ?

Answer:-Garbine Muguruza.

Q_145. Queensbury rules is code of rules that directly influences that of the subsequent sport ?


Q_146. In 2017 Australian Open, Serena Williams defeated her sister to win the …….. Grand Slam Singles title


Q_147. The 2016 Men’s Kabaddi World Cup Runner-Up?


Q_148. Winner of 2017 Formiula one Chinese Grand Prix ?

Answer:-Lewis  Hamilton.

Q_149. Who was the host nation of 2014 FIFA World Cup ?


 Q_150. Winner of 2017 Indian Premier League (Cricket) ?

Answer:-Mumbai Indians.

Q_151. Which of the following pair is CORRECT ?

I. Summer Olympics 2020-Tokyo.

II. Summer Olympics 2016-Rio de Janerio

III. Summer Olympics 2012 – London

Answer:-All of them.

Q_152. Winner of 2017 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix ?

Answer:-Sebastian Vettle.

Q_153. Host nation of 2015 Men’s Rugby World Cup ?


Q_154. Olympic logo consists fo how many rings or circles ?

Answer:- 5.

Q_155. Only Indian bowler to take more than 500 Test Wickets ?

Answer:-Anil Kumble.

Q_156. Which country will host the Cricket World Cup-2023 ?

Answer:- India.

Q_157. At which of the following stadium Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100the international century ?

Answer:- Sher-e-Bangal Stadium.

Q_158. How many squares are there on a chessboard ?

Answer:- 64.

Q_159. Who has won the 2016 Men’s Sngle title at US Open ?

Answer:- Rafael Nadal.

 Q_160. Gambit’ is associated with which of the following sports ?

Answer:- Boxing.

Q_161. suburban area could be a place related to –

Answer:-Lawn tennis.

Q_162. What is the duration of one-hall of a football match ?


Q_163. Which of the following cricket teams was defeated by India to lift the Women’s Twenty 20 Asia Cup 2016 ?


Q_164. Which one of the following teams was defeated by India to win the Women’s Hockey Asia Cup title, 2017 ?


Q_165. Which of the following is not associated with chess ?


Q_166. Who has scored the slowest century in the test cricket ?

Answer:-Mudasar Nazar.

Q_167. Who among the following is the winner of the Singapore Open Superseries Badmintion Men’s Singles title 2017 ?

Answer:-B. Sai praneeth

Q_168. The traditional Olympic continuing until concerning :

Answer:-394 BC.

Q_169. UN agency is claimed to be the daddy of recent Olympic ?

Answer:-Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin.

Q_170. Which among the following sports involves use of Rockets ?


2. Lawn-tennis

3. Badminton

Answer:-All of them.

Q_171. In November 2017, India’s MC Mary Kom won the gold medal at the Asian Boxing Championship, 2017 held at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. In Which one among the subsequent classes was she declared winner ?

Answer:-48 kg.

Q_172. Who among the following is the winner of the National Badmintion Championship (Men), 2017 ?

Answer:-H.S. Prannoy

Q_173. The XXIV Olympic Games were held in:


Q_174. Arrange the following countries in ascending order on the basic of the total medals earned in Rio Olympic 2016.

1. USA

2. China

3. U.K.

4. Russia

Answer:- 4,3,2,1

Q_175. United Nations agency was the IOC President United Nations agency performed the closing ceremony of the XXV Olympic Games ?

Answer:-Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Q_176. Which country stood second in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics medal tally ?

Answer:-United State.

Q_177. The Men’s Volleyball Olympic title within the 1992 Barcelona Olympiad was won by :


Q_178. Mount Johnson (Canadian) was disqualified within the 1998 national capital Olympic within the ………….. Athletics ?

Answer:-100 m.

Q_179. World Health Organization won the Hockey Gold (men) within the 1992 port Games ?


Q_180. The Commonwealth Games were earler called :

Answer:-British Empire Sports Festival.

Q_181. Which country hosted the 1990 Commonwealth Games ?

Answer:-New Zealand.

Q_182. How many Medals did P.T. Usha win at the Xth Asiad ?


Q_183. How many gold medals did India win at the XIth Asian Games ?


Q_184. Which of the following games is Davis Cup associated with


Q_185. Which of the trophies below is not associated with cricket ?

Answer:-Champions Trophy.

Q_186. With which game is Brookland (England) associated?


Q_187. The Dronacharya Award for Sports Coaches was Instituated in the year :


Q_188. What was the former name of the Reliance Cup?

Answer:-Prudential Cup.

Q_189. Grand Prix is associated with :

Answer:-Lawn tennis.

Q_190. The term ‘Dribbling’ is not associated with :


Q_191. Epsom is associated with :

Answer:-Horse riding.

Q_192. The term ‘deuce’ is common in which of the following two games ?

Answer:-Badminton and Tennis.

Q_193. Tendulkar scored his 100the international cricket century in the one day match against which team?


Q_194. The duration of a normal one half of a Hockey match is:

Answer:-30 min.

Q_195. The normal length of a football ground must be:

Answer:-100-110 m.

Q_196. How many players are there on each side in a women;s Basketball game ?


Q_197. Dhyan Chand’s name is related to that game ?


Q_198. Football (Soccer) is said to have original in:


Q_199. Who among the following is not a regular bowler ?


Q_200. United Nations agency had the excellence of competitive in 5 Olympic games by taking part the 1988 Seoul Olympic games by taking part within the 1988 Seoul athletic contest ?

Answer:-Pietro Mennea.

Q_201. The xxvii (1996) Summer Olympic games were held in:


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