50 Questions of First in India

Dear reader,We (Current Affairs 2020) share – 50 Questions of First in India for competitive exam ,this type of questions generally asked in exam, In this post we share 50 questions of first in India & World .If you have any questions ask through comment & if its helpful for you so please comment & share .

50 Questions of First in India in Hindi .

No.of questions:- 50.


101:-First Woman to get Jnanpith Award.

Answer:- Ashapurna Devi.

102:-First men to climb Mt. Everest.

Answer:-Sherpa Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary (May 29, 1953 ).

103:-First man to reach North Pole.

Answer:- Robert Edwin Peary.

104:-First man to reach South Pole.

Answer:- Roald Amundsen.

105:-First religion of the world.

Answer:- Sanatan Dharma.

106:-First country to print books.


107:-First country to issue paper currency.


108:-First country to start Civil Services Competition.


109:-First President of United States of America .

Answer:- George Washington.

110:-First Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Answer:- Robert Walpole.

First in India & World in Hindi .

111:-First Secretary General of United Nations.

Answer:- Trygve Lie.

112:-First country to make education compulsory.

Answer:-  Prussia/Germany.

113:-First country to win the World Cup Football .

Answer:- Uruguay (1930).

114:-First country to make a constitution.

 Answer:- United States of America.

115:-Pakistan’s first Governor General .

Answer:- Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

116:-First summit of NAM was organised in  .

Answer:- Belgrade (former Yugoslavia).

117:-First European to visit China.

Answer:- Maffeo Polo.

118:-First man to fly an aeroplane.

Answer:- Wright Brothers (Wilbur And Orville Wright).

119:-First person to sail around the world.

Answer:- Ferdinand Magellan.

120:-First country to send human to Moon.

 Answer:- United States of America.

First in India & World in Hindi or English .

121:- First country to launch satellite into space .

Answer:- Russia (former USSR).

122:-First country to host the modern Olympic games.

Answer:- Greece.

123:-First President of the Republic of China.

Answer:- Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

124:-First city to be attacked with Atom bomb.

Answer:- Hiroshima (Japan).

125:-First Radio Telescope Satellite was launched into space.

Answer:- Japan.

126:-First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister to visit India.

Answer:-  VI. Bulganin.

127:-First University of the world.

 Answer:- Takshashila/Taxila University.

128:-First man to set foot on the Moon.

Answer:-  Neil Armstrong (US.A).

129:-First Space Shuttle launch.

Answer:-  Columbia (April 12, 1981).

130:-First Space Ship landed on Mars.

 Answer:- Viking-1st(July 20, 1976).

131:-First Woman Prime Minister of England .

Answer:- Margaret Thatcher.

132:-First Woman Prime Minister of any muslim country.

Answer:- Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan).

133:-First Woman Prime Minister of a country.

Answer:- Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka).

134:-First Woman cosmonaut in space.

 Answer:- Valentina Tereshkova (USSR).

135:-First Woman to climb Mt. Everest.

Answer:- Junko Tabei (Japan).

Some important Questions of First in India & World in Hindi or English .

136:-First deaf and dumb to cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

Answer:- Taranath Shenoy (India).

137:-First Woman President of UN General Assembly.

Answer:- Smt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953).

138:-First European Invader of Indian soil.

Answer:-Alexander,The great .

 139:-First Woman to reach the North Pole.

Answer:- Ann Bancroft.

140:-First Woman to reach Antarctica.

Answer:- Caroline Mikkelsen.

141:-First Woman to be a working member of an Antarctic Expedition.

Answer:- Jackie Ronne.

142:-First man to draw the map of earth..

 Answer:-Anaximander (610-542 BC).

143:-First man to compile Encyclopaedia.

 Answer:-Aspheosis (Athens).

144:-The oldest man to climb Mt. Everest.

 Answer:-Yuichiro Miura (Japan), 2013.

145:-First Asian to win Wimbledon Trophy.

 Answer:-Arthur Ashe (US.A.).

First in India & World for competitive exam 2020.

146:-First man to win Nobel Prize for Literature.

Answer:-Sully Prudhomme (France).

147:-First man to win Nobel Prize for Peace.

Answer:-Jean H. Dunant (Switzerland) & Frederic Passy (France).

148:-First man to win Nobel Prize for Physics .

Answer:-W.C. Roentgen (Germany).

149:-First man to win Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Answer:-J.H. Van’t Hoff (Holland).

150:-First man to win Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Answer:-Emil Adolf Von Behring (Germany).

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