Current Affairs Questions 2019

Current affairs questions and answers 2019.

Dear reader,We (Current Affairs 2020) share, Current Affairs Questions 2019 ,In this post we share some questions of 19-20-21-22-October-2019.If its helpful so please comment and share .


19-20 October Current Affairs Questions:- Start’s

Date:-October 19-20 ,2019.


1.Who is that the author of the book “Dark concern, Eerie Cities: New Hindi Cinema in Neo-liberal India”?

Answer:-Sarunas Paunksnis .

2.Tulagi Island, generally seen in news, is that the territory of that country?


3.Kanwar Sain Jolly, UN agency passed on to the great beyond recently, was associated to that field?

Answer:- Journalism.

Journalism,20 October Current Affairs Questions,current affairs 2020.
Journalism,Current Affairs Questions,current affairs 2020.

4.Which Indian armed force has launched OASIS (Officers machine-controlled & Structured info System) software?

Answer:-Indian Army.

Indian Army,20 October Current Affairs Questions,current affairs 2020.
Indian Army,Current Affairs Questions,current affairs 2020.

5.Which state government has launched YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM Kisan Yojana?

Answer:-Andhra Pradesh .

6.Which state has become the primary Indian state to supply maternity edges within the non-public instructional sector?


7.Who organized the 11th Nuclear Energy Conclave?

 Answer:-India Atomic and Space Forum (IASF).

8.Which bank has recently launched contactless mobile payments facility?

Answer:- State Bank Of India (SBI) .

SBI Logo ,current affairs 2020,
SBI Logo ,current affairs 2020,

9.Who is the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)?

 Answer:- Coly Seck.

10.When was the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) formed?


 UNHRC  ,current affairs 2020,
UNHRC ,current affairs 2020,

11.Debayan Saha, United Nations agency has fictional PM 2.5 device to curb pollution, is graduate from that IIT?

Answer:-IIT Kharagpur.

12.Who organized the first edition of ASIA HEALTH 2019?

 Answer:-World Health Organization (WHO).

World Health Organization  ,current affairs 2020,
World Health Organization ,current affairs 2020,

13.Where will the next defence expo, in February 2020, be held? 


14.When was the Central Bank of the European Union formed?

Answer:-1998 .

15.What is the current defence export rate in India?

 Answer:-Rs.11,000 crore.

19-20 October Current Affairs Questions:- Ends’s.


21 October Current Affairs Questions:- Start’s.



1.The 2019 Military World Games has started in which city of China?


2.In which year will India host the 91st General Assembly of Interpol?

Answer:-2022 .

3.Kalidas Karmakar, who recently passed away, was the country’s famous painter?


4. Baliyatra is one of the country’s largest trade fairs?


5.The Nuclear Energy Conclave 2019 was held in which city?

Answer:-New Delhi.

6.DANX -19 has been conducted under the aegis of which command of the Indian Armed Forces?

Answer:-Andaman & Nicobar Command.

7.Iodine is required for the synthesis of the __________ hormones.


8.Which Country archaeologist recently discovered the oldest known natural pearl in the world in 2019?

 Answer:-Abu Dhabi.

9.Who won the Vogue award for enterpriser Of The Year 2019?

 Answer:-Avni Biyani.

10.The 18th NAM Summit to be held in __________.

 Answer:-Baku, Azerbaijan.

11.Who won the Vogue award for Sportsperson of the Year 2019?

Answer:-Dutee  Chand.

12.Japan has announced that it is to hire skilled people from _________.


13.When was the International social insurance Association (ISSA) formed?


14.When was the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) formed?


15.When was the planet Statistics Day instituted?


16.World Statistics Day is observed every ______ years.


17.Who sworn in as the President of Indonesia?

Answer:-Joko Widodo.

18.Where is the IMNEX 19 exercise held?


19.What is the capital of Azerbaijan?


20.When was the Interpol founded?


21 October Current Affairs Questions:- Ends’s.


22 October Current Affairs Questions:- Start’s.



1.Who make the record of highest average in Test cricket?

 Answer:-Rohit Sharma.

2.Who make the previous highest average in test cricket

 Answer:-Don Bradman.

3.Where is Siachen Base Camp located?


4.When was the European Open Championship established?


5.Who is the founder of Shikism?

Answer:-Guru Nanak Dev.

6.MoD approved ________ Capital Procurement of third-generation Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and discrete Electronic Warfare system for the use of armed forces.

 Answer:-Rs.3,300 crores.

7. Which country has recently been removed from the FATF’s Grey List?

Answer:-Sri Lanka.

8. Who chaired the Defence Acquisition Council persisted October twenty one, 2019?

Answer:-Rajnath Singh.

9.The 2019 summit of the 18th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) takes place in which city?


10.Which Indian bicyclist won gold at the 2019 Asian Track sport Championships within the comfort station junior Keirin event .

Answer:-Ronaldo Singh.

11.N Chandrasekaran, who authored the book ‘Bridgital Nation’, is the chairman of which company?

Answer:-Tata Sons.

12.Who has been appointed because the new chairman of IBA ( Indian Banks Association)?

Answer:-Rajnish Kumar.

13.Which state has decided to adopt NCERT course in Class 9th & 10th standard in all govt schools?

Answer:-Madhya Pradesh

14.Which team clenched the 2019 title of professional Kabaddi League (PKL)?

Answer:-Bengal Warriors.

15.Kartarpur corridor connects India with ________.


16.When was the Akash missile system AKASH-MK-1S, the surface to air missile (SM) tested?


17.Who developed the Akash missile system in India?


18.Under the small family policy introduced by Assam Govt., a person who has more than ______ children will not be eligible for government jobs.


19.The Ministry of Minority Affairs is to arrange Hunar Haat at North Central Zone Cultural Centre in ___________.

Answer:-Uttar Pradesh.

20.When was the last time Indian President visited Japan?


21.Who is that the Chairman of the North American country Asian nation Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)?

 Answer:-John Chambers.

22.How much hike in bus fares did the Assam regime introduce?

Answer:-25% .

23.Ministry of Railways has a project of allowing to carry the e-commerce consignment of ________.


24.Who is organizing the Hunar Haat?

Answer:-Ministry of Minority Affairs.

25.Who is the Emperor of Japan?

Answer:-Emperor Naruhito.


Source:- Gktoday&Fresherslive .

22 October Current Affairs Questions:- Ends’s.

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