Top 50 Superlatives Questions

Dear great reader ,We (Current Affairs 2020) share ,Top 50 Superlatives Questions in Hindi & English 2020 for competitive exam , In this post we share 100 questions of general knowledge superlative of India & World. If its helpful so please comment & share this post .

Top 50 Superlatives Questions :- Start’s.

101:-Which is the too Farthest Planet (from the sun)?

Answer: Neptune

102:- Which is the too Nearest Planet from the sun?

Answer: Mercury

103;- What is the Smallest Planet?

Answer:  Mercury.

104:-Which is the Highest Plateau?

Answer: Pamir (Tibet).

105:-Which is the Longest Platform (Railway)?

Answer:  Gorakhpur (in UP) India (1366,33 m).

106:- The Largest Platform (Railway)?

Answer: Grand Central Terminal, New York (U.S.A.)

107:-Which is the Largest Port?

Answer: Port of Shanghai .

108:-Which is the Busiest Port?

Answer: Port of Shanghai (China).

109:- Which is the Longest Railway ?

Answer: Trans-Siberian Railway (5,772 miles long).

110:- Which is the Longest River?

Answer: Nile (6690 km), Amazon (6570 km).

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111:- Which is the Longest River Dam ?

Answer: Hirakud Dam (Odisha), India 15,8 miles.

112:-Which is the Largest Sea-bird?

Answer: Albatross than Petrel.

113:-Which is the Largest Sea also called (inland)?

Answer: Caspian Sea (1,43,200 sq miles)

114:-Which is the Brightest Star?

Answer: Sirius A and (also called Dog Star)

115:-Which is the World’s tallest statue or (of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) is under construction in Sadhu Bet, near  Sardar Sarovar Dam, in Gujarat

Answer:-Statue of Unity (597 feet).

116:-Which is the Tallest Statue (bronze) ?

Answer: Bronze Statue of Lord Buddha, Tokyo(Japan).

117:-Which is the Tallest Tower ?

Answer: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE – 2716.5 ft .

118:-Longest and Deepest Rail Tunnel

Answer: Gotthard Tunell (Switzerland) ,(57 km)

119:-Longest and Largest Canal Tunnel .

Answer: Le Rove Tunnel (South Of France)

120:-Which is the Longest Tunnel (Road) ? 

Answer: Laerdal, Norway.

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121:-Which is the highest Volcano ?

Answer: Ojos del Salado, Andes, Argentina Chile (6,885 m.)

122:-Which is the largest Volcano ?

Answer: Mauna Loa (Hawaii)

123:-Which is the Longest Wall ?

Answer: Great Wall of China (1500 miles).

124:-Which is the highest Waterfall ?

Answer: Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)

125:-Which is the Longest Strait ?

Answer: Strait of Malacca.

126:-Which is the Broadest Strait ?

Answer: Davis Straits (Greenland and Baffin Island ,Canada)

127:-Which is the Narrowest Strait ?

Answer: Chaliks-45 yards (Between the Greek mainland the island of Euboea in the Aegean Sea)

128:-Which is the Largest Gulf ?

Answer: Gulf of Mexico, Shoreline 2100 miles.

129:-Which is the Largest Archipelago ?

Answer: Malay Archipelago Indonesia.

130:-Which is the Tallest Active Geyser?

Answer: Steamboat geyser Yellowstone National park , U.S.A .300 ft.

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131:-Largest River Basin

Answer: Amazon basin-27,20,000 sq. miles

132:-World’s Rainiest spot

Answer:  Mawsynram, India (11,873 mm)

133:-Lightest Gas

Answer: Hydrogen

134:-Lightest Metal

Answer: Lithium

135:-Highest Melting Point

Answer: Tungsten, 3422

136:-Hardest substance (synthetic)

Answer: Wurtzite boron nitride

137:-Hardest substance (comes from meteorites)

Answer: Lonsdaleite

138:-Hardest Natural Substance (found on earth)

Answer: Diamond

139:-Largest Diamond producing mine

Answer: Orapa (Botswana)

140:-Longest Animal

Answer: Blue whale (recorded length 106 feet weight-195 tons)

141:-Longest Life-span of an Animal

Answer:190 to 200 years, (Giant tortoise)

142:-Largest Land Animal

Answer: African Bush Elephant

143:-Fastest Animal

Answer: Cheetah (Leopard) 70 m.p.h

144:-Longest jump Animal

Answer: Kangaroo

145:-Longest wing spread bird

Answer: Sooty Albatross.

Top 50 Superlatives Questions:-End’s.

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